I will give a basic tutorial below on how to go about recording a clip from a played game in CODBO and then get that video up on youtube.

First, What is theater Mode?

Theater mode lets you go to a past game you have played on-line, load it up on your xbox like a movie and watch it, But not just watch, you can use your controller to control the play speed forward and backward and change camera options, you can even watch the game as a free flying camera, able to watch the battle from anywhere in the map you want. But it does not stop there, you can choose to turn on record and record select parts of the game-play that you want and leave out the rest. But you will figure this out and other uses. So lets get to the How..

What you will need..

1. PSN Obviously with connection to the net
2. Be registered at callofduty.com
3. A youtube account

First step is to go to Callofduty.com and register there and then link your xbox account with your callofduty.com account. There will be instructions on the site. If you are having trouble where to do this, just click on the tab at the top of their main page that says "theater Beta" Once you get this set up you will also be asked if you would like to link to your Youtube account. You should go ahead and get that out of the way. To link your PSN account and callofduty.com registration, it will ask for your windows live information for the link.

Now once you get that out of the way you are good to go..

Ok so you just played a good game of team deathmatch and had a good kill in the game, lets say you threw a tomahawk across the map, over a building and it came down in an enemies forehead, Cool. So lets share that with our buddies.

1. From the Main Menu click "Multiplayer", Then "Multiplayer"

2. On the next Page choose "THEATER"

3. Go down to "My Recent Games"

4. From here you can see a bunch of past games, I do not know how
Many exactly it keeps or for how long, but right now mine has a list
of 100 past games. So click on the one you want to view, They are
Listed by Game mode and the map on the list to the left and on the
right of your screen you will see a map of the game showing a heat
Map of player deaths, yours and everyone else's, If you won or lost,
How many deaths/kills you got and so on. So pick the game you had
The kick ass Tomahawk kill on and press "X"

5. Select "X" again for playback,

6. Now on the new screen scroll up to "START FILM"

7. Once the film starts it will be just like you are in a real game, but as a spectator, press "TRIANGLE" to change camera modes, the 3rd mode is free roam camera. (watch the video at the end for more info on controlls)

8. Ok so now get to that part where you make the amazing tomahawk kill, set your camera up how you want, do a slow mode following of the tomahawk or what ever and record that part. (I understand there is a 30 second limit for the clips you want to upload to callofduty.com and then to youtube so make it count)

9. Once you record you will get a popup asking you to name your segment you can record multiple segments and even merge them if you like by pressing START button when in theater, but we got the clip we needed and now press START then "END FILM" You will get another popup asking if you want to save your segment, click "SAVE CLIP", Then choose a title if you like on next window, then choose one of the 6 open slots on the next screen to place it into. I have slot 4 open so ill put it there. It will tell you your clip is saved and you will be taken back to the end film screen again to press "END FILM" one last time to go back to the Theater Screen and out of your film.

10. At this point your clip is saved on your xbox but is not ready for upload to the net just yet. To do this we need to render the film...

11. At the screen we are now on choose "MY FILE SHARE" you will see 6 boxes and the clip you just recorded will be in the box you saved it in, I saved it to slot 4 so now it shows up in box 4. Select this box now.

12. Now choose "select for Playback"

13. You pop back to the Theater page , so now go down to "RENDER CLIP" It will now load your clip, Play it as your recorded it, and then start to upload it to Callofduty.com. This can take quite a while, I have a decent speed internet and a 10 second clip takes over 3 minutes to upload.

14. Once this has finished uploading, and assuming you have linked your youtube account to your callofduty.com account. Your video will now be automatically uploaded to your videos on your youtube account.

Heres an example that i uploaded to youtube:

From PSN straight to youtube, no capture card/hd pvr needed.