If you want something to be activated straight away with no buttons being pressed use this "set"

Example: set laserforceon 1

That will turn the laser on straight away but it cannot be turned off.

If you want to activate something by a button use this "bind DPAD_DOWN"

Example: "bind DPAD_DOWN laserforceon 1"

This will turn the laser on

If you want to turn it on and off then use this before the code "toggle" and make sure you have the default dvar option for what you are turning off.

Example: "bind DPAD_DOWN toggle laserforceon 1 0" < Notice the 0(Default)

Okay now its time for the bigger stuff, If you want activate alot of dvars by the push of one button then use this between every code ";"

Example: "bind DPAD_DOWN laserforceon 1; cg_fov 90; g_speed 800"

That will activate laser, promod and super speed

Also remember every code starts with a " and should end with a " otherwise it may not work.

If you still need help then pm me

Other codes below

say ^6Join ^4www.FiveStarGamerz.com < Advertisement
r_znear 55 < See through walls
player_meleeRange 999 < Long melee
perk_weapReloadMultiplier 0.0001 < Fast reload
fast_restart < Restart the game
cg_drawfps 2 < Fps

Tutorial By Robert-boy